The Freehand Project is about just that, freeing my hands to make something without planning it out too much.  Sometimes I’ll start writing something feeling like I understand it completely.  Other times, much more often, I’ll figure it out as I go and it’ll grow and change midstream.  It’s a kind of stream of thought or free-form writing, I guess, but for now it’s what comes out most easily when I start moving my pen so for now it’s what I’m doing.

A smart guy who I respect a lot told me once that our body can only move to a place that our mind has already been, that mental speed always had to be greater than physical speed.  If that’s true then our hearts have to move faster than our minds.  I want mine to all three move together, close.  Heart, mind, hand, page.

That’s what writing means to me and that’s why I love it.


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