Take something down from the shelf and put it on.  Move your shoulders around and see how it feels and try it on, really try it on.  Take a self off the shelf and put it on, your new self, see if it fits and if it does then wear it and wear it out.  Feel like it’s really you, if you can, until the thing wears out and the mirror can reach all the way past that down to the you that is really you instead of some thing from a shelf.  Do this, though, all of it, if only so that you know finally that you are the real you and you are not something that you wear but that the real you is what gives shape to everything you put on and that things you put on are just things on a shelf without you there to shape and fill them and to put them on.  So that you know that any suit or mask or whatever is not really you but is only something that is either worth being put on or not, and probably it is not.

So wear whatever you want, but if you want to change then you have to be the one changing.

And if you want to change then rejoice, because you are in the land of wants but your want is a good one, and difficult.


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